Basic cannon

Appearance in BTA

Basic Cannon is a weapon that appears in BT1, BT2, BTA and BT3. In every game you start off with it as part of Basic Tank. Many other tanks and enemies in the series also have it.

Bubble TanksEdit

Makes an appearance on Basic Tank and many other unnamed enemies throughout the game.

Bubble Tanks 2Edit

Makes an appearance on Basic Tank and Balanced Fighter #3 and many enemies throughout the game. Auto Cannon is also present on Heaver type tanks.

Bubble Tanks ArenasEdit

Basic Cannon (Tank Varient)(BTA)
GP: 1
BP: 1
DM: 1
Basic Cannon (Enemy Varient)(BTA)
GP: 1
BP: 2
DM: 1

Also on your Basic Tank. Is a editable part for both enemy and tank. Its auto equivalent is Auto Cannon for large tanks of class 5 and up.

Enemies by Hero Interactive:

Tanks by Hero Interactive:

Bubble Tanks 3Edit

Basic Cannon (Enemy Varient)(BT3)
GP: 1
CP: low
DM: 1

You start out with this weapon. Auto cannons are also present.

Enemies by Hero Interactive;

Tanks by Hero Interactive

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